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02 octobre 2005

Canadian PM won't be denied communion

And if Rome speaks, will it be finished or will Fr Walsh simply disobey?

From Canadian Press:

Despite his stance on same-sex marriage, Paul Martin will always be welcome to receive the sacrament of communion in his home riding, the Prime Minister's local parish priest said yesterday.

"We can't use the eucharist as a time ... to judge a person's conscience by refusing them communion," Rev. John Walsh told CJAD radio.

The 256 Roman Catholic bishops meeting today through Oct. 23 at the Vatican are expected to advise Pope Benedict XVI on whether holy communion should be withheld from Catholic politicians who pass laws that violate church doctrine.

"I think that we must look at the situation and say: `Are we respecting a person's conscience?'" said Walsh, who preaches at St. Jean de Brébeuf Parish, where Martin attends mass in Montreal.

Speaking in Vancouver following a meeting with Mexican President Vicente Fox on Friday, Martin said he was a practising Roman Catholic who separates his privately held beliefs from his duties as a politician.
Martin said his prime ministerial responsibility is to uphold Canadians' rights as defined by the courts.


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