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The New Crusade

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20 octobre 2005

The Right In Europe Begins To Wake Up!

The Right in Europe has always been nationalistic to the point of ignoring other countries. Now, however, a Dutch Party and a Belgian one are coöperating to defend Dutch Language and Culture in the Flemish areas of both countries.

From Expatica:



At 31/7/07 10:12, Anonymous Anonyme said...

I'm Italian, and a few years ago there was a real kerfuffle when an Italian Cardinal, Giacomo Biffi, suggested that Italy preferentially admit immigrants from Catholic countries like the Philippines or Latin America. He was immediately branded as racist. While I myself don't think that a secular state like Italy should be guided by religious criteria in formulating immigration policies, how can Biffi be racist if he's advocating the immigration of Filipinos? Filipinos, even if they're culturally very similar to Italians, are not White; most Muslims in Italy come from North Africa and look more like native Italians than do Filipinos. Unfortunately the word "racist" has been thrown around without much thought as to what it really means.

Emilia Liz (emilia_e_murphy@yahoo.ca)


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