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14 octobre 2005

Serbs In Kosovo

The Serbs defended Europe for hundreds of years. They became known as "The Guardians of the gate" This is how we repay them! Kosovo is the heartland of the Serbian nation and, until the communist takeover in the '40's, a predominantly Serbian province. In an effort to break Serbian patriotism, the red slave-master, Tito, forced Serbs out of the province and brought in Muslims. Now, 60 years later, these Muslims want to reap the fruit of their jihad! They want an independent, Muslim Kosovo! And they will undoubtedly get it with the help of George Bush and the UN and they will keep it as long as US and UN troops occupy their country to keep the Serbs from waging a just war of reconquest!

Notice that throughout the article an independent, Muslim Kosovo is taken for granted!

From www.kosovo.com:



At 14/10/05 19:28, Blogger Scarlett said...

Bush and the neo-cons want to stir up chaos and revolution everywhere they can because they are tyrants who stole the White House. They have no respect for the history of Serbia.

Where did the Muslims come from originally and are they not willing to leave?

I also noticed on CNN that they were reporting Turkey as being in Europe and I wondered about that but its not unusual for CNN and other American media to spread lies and propaganda so its pointless to say anything about it.

Also recently I read that the DNA of white Jews shows that they have the same DNA as the people of Kosovo and now I'm wondering if the authors of the DNA study meant Muslims in Kosovo??? Fasinating.


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