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11 octobre 2005

Turkish Drivel

I don't normally post the idiotic droolings of Muslims, but there is a point to be made (actually two points)!

First, the writer is referred to as "Berlin Author...". Wrong!! She is a Turk!, resident in Berlin until the German people wake up!

Second, tho', she's right about one thing. Honour killings are not a part of Turkish culture, they are a part of Islamic culture! This was proven just a couple of weeks ago by the cold-blooded killing of a Pakistani woman in Denmark by her brother.

From "In Today's Feuilletons", "Signandsight" (DE):

In her book "Einmal Hans mit scharfer Soße" ("One Hans with Hot Sauce") , Berlin author Hatice Akyün describes life as a Turkish German as not particularly problematic. In an interview with Katrin Birner and Christoph Mayerl, she tells why the image of Turks in the German media and the fixation on forced marriages and honour killings get on her nerves: "I think such stories are very juicy for the media. I got so pissed off at a newspaper story where 13-year-olds from a school in Berlin's Neukölln district are quoted as saying it was right for Hatün's brothers to kill her (more here). But you can't write something like that in the title. Sure, you should write about it, but you have to avoid giving the impression with such stories that it's a part of Turkish culture. I could go to any secondary school in Bavaria or Hamburg and dig up five boys who'll say Hitler was great."


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