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The New Crusade

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02 novembre 2005

Historical Horse Hockey Re: The Founding Fathers

Once again, I have to point out historical fact to illiterates masquerading as conservative intellectuals! E. Ralph Hostetter began his column yesterday with the words «America's version of freedom of speech and freedom of the press originated in the minds of one of the greatest collections of true intellects to assemble in one place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the late 1700s. We know them as the "Founding Fathers".»

These are among the many freedoms that the «Founding Fathers» did not want us to have and deliberately ommited from the Constitution. These rights were grudgingly granted only when the sovereign States made it clear they would not ratify the Constitution unless these rights were included. The myth of the freedom loving Founding Fathers ranks right up there with the «Christian Republic» myth, since the Republic was founded by Freemasons, atheists and at least one Satanist!

From «The Conservative Voice»:



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