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The New Crusade

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13 décembre 2005

Catching Up On News From Kosovo

More news from the frontlines. Since I was off line there have been several despatches from KiM-Info, so I'll just place all the links and dates here. Muslims out of Europe! Zhiviot Srbska!

  • KiM Info Newsletter 28-11-05, APPEAL FOR KOSOVO FROM THE UNITED STATES, Only bread and soup for Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 30-11-05,Serb teenager wounded in Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 30-11-05, EU divided over future status of Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 07-12-05, Source: Government of Serbia

  • KiM Info Newsletter 09-12-05, Pressures against Serbian Orthodox holy shrines in Kosovo continue

  • KiM Info Newsletter 12-12-05, Visoki Decani Monastery sign painted over in black

  • KiM Info Newsletter 12-11-05, Rocket Attack, Grenades and Gun Battle- Kosovo's Latest "Isolated Incidents"

  • Serbian Patriarch Receives Treatment at Military-Medical Academy in Belgrade

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