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The New Crusade

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18 décembre 2005

The Czech Republic On The Slippery Slope

In 1989 when communism fell in, then, Czechoslovakia, only one change was made to the nation's constitution. The «guiding principals» of the State were changed from «Marxism-Leninism» to «secular humanism». Whilst, since then, the Czech Republic has adopted a new constitution without mention of secular humanism, old habits die hard! Now, the lower House of the Czech Parliament has voted to grant «registered partnership» status to unrepentant sodomites. The overwhelming majority of the Social Democrats and Communists as well as most deputies for the Freedom Union (the «Liberal», big business, fiscally conservative, socially liberal party) supported the bill.

It's not a done deal yet. It still has to pass the Senate, where the consevative parties hold a majority and be signed by President Vaclav Klaus. Ss Vaclav (Patron of the President), Adalbert, John Nepomucene, Ludmila and Cyril and Methodius,Patrons of the Republic, Pray for the Czechs!

  • Prague Daily Monitor/CTK:Chamber of Deputies passes registered partnership for homosexuals

  • Prague Daily Monitor/CTK:This is first step - gay-lesbian leader on partnership law in press

  • Prague Daily Monitor/CTK:Churches in Czech Republic condemn homosexual partnership bill

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