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The New Crusade

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13 décembre 2005

France's Rift: Culture, Not Color

This article makes the point that I have argued for years. I am often accused of being a racist. I am not. As a Catholic I believe racism to be blasphemy. We are all descended from Adam and Eve. Even modern science bears this out, though its followers are more than reluctant to accept the logical conclusion of their findings! What I am, and I glory in it, is a culturalist, that is I have absolutely no doubt that our Græco-Roman Catholic Culture and Civilisation which formed me and the society in which I live is superior to all other cultures.

However, I strongly disagree with the columnist's conclusion. Europeans must not «learn to understand and appreciate - and, ultimately, embrace - the cultural riches of their immigrants», because the «immigrants» are the sworn enemies of all things European. Europeans must gird themselves for battle and begin the new reconquista.

All ye Saints and Martyrs of Europe, pray for your people. Muslims out of Europe!

  • The International Herald Tribune

    At 14/12/05 13:03, Blogger Perun said...

    Well culture and ethnicity forge a nation, and even the late John Paul II stated in his last book Memory and Identity that nations, like families, are natural entities.


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