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30 janvier 2006

Charles I, King Of England, Scotland And Ireland

Yes, I'm a Catholic and this is a Catholic blog! I know Charles was an Anglican heretic, but he was married to a devout Catholic, produced two (not so devout) Catholic sons and died for what he sincerely believed was the Catholic Faith. He was a model Prince who was judicially murdered by republicans, much like our own Martyred King, His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XVI. Check out the Wikipedia article on him and the website of the Society of King Charles the Martyr. Anglican in inspiration, it accepts Catholic members and, indeed, has an «independent» Catholic Priest on its board.

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    At 30/1/06 13:35, Blogger Perun said...

    wasnt James II a staunchly Catholic king, so much so the radical Protestants went ballistic and asked William of Orange to invade?

    At 30/1/06 20:34, Blogger Curmudgeon said...

    Let's all sing Monty Python's Oliver Cromwell Song.

    At 30/1/06 20:39, Blogger Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

    He was a much better Catholic than Charles. He was a prot at the Restoration, but joined the Church in 1668 or '69. This brought about the passage of the Test Act and he relinquished the post of Lord High Admiral rather than apostasise. However, the prots were willing to tolerate him as long as his heiress was his prot daughter, Mary. When he married Mary of Modena, a Catholic, in 1673 (his first prot wife had died in '71) the pressure bega. In fact King Charles ordered that any children be raised as prots. When he became King in '85 he was still childless by Mary, but in June, '88, Mary had a son (the Legimate James VIII & III) and the sh*t hit the fan. On 30 June, '88, the traitors asked William to invade. On 23 Dec. James escaped the Kingdom and the Legitimate dynasty has been in exile ever since.


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