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01 janvier 2006

Revealed: Warrior Churchill's Ruthless Mind

Readers of The New Crusade are aware of my opinions regarding the perjured traitor Charles de Gaulle, but the opportunity to blog on another WW II leader, Winston Churchill, has not arisen until today. Papers regarding his thoughts during the War were declassified at midnight last night and they only bear out what I have come to believe over the years: Churchill was an amoral monster, unfit to lead a civilised country.

It has often be pointed out that, if Churchill had retired at 65 like many do, he would be remembered basically for two things. He was a brave war correspondent during the Boer War and he was the only man in the history of the British House of Commons to turn traitor to his Party twice! He began his career following in the Tory footsteps of his father, Lord Randolph, then crossed the floor to become a Liberal and later defected back to the Tories, to be remembered as a great «Conservative» leader. In other words, his politics were not based on moral considerations at all, but on personal ambition.

During the War he sent a liason into Yugoslavia to assess the situation. Upon his return the Colonel in question told Churchill that the UK should be supporting the chetniki of General Draža Mihailović, who supported the Legitimate King, Petar II, and not the Communist partizani of Josip Broz «Tito», because Mihailović was not only anti-Nazi, he was also anti-Communist. Churchill's response was to ask the Colonel if he planned on living in Yugoslavia after the War. When the officer, rather confused, answered that, no, he didn't plan on living in Yugoslavia after the War, Churchill said, «Neither do I, Colonel, neither do I». In other words, while the US under FDR and the USSR under Stalin were still supporting the legitimate, internationally recognised government of the King, Churchill had already decided to cast his lot with the Reds in Eastern Europe.

The papers released today show even further that he was an amoral, bloodthirsty animal, with no regard for the norms of civilised society. It is unfortunate that because of the accidents of history he was PM during the War and is remembered now only as a great wartime leader. Maybe these new revelations will allow a true biography of him to be written.

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