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12 février 2006

President rejects prime minister's request on partnership law

Once again, I ask my readers prayers and those of St Vaclav, for Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, that he may persevere and veto this attempt at «legalising marriage» for unrepentant sodomites.

From Radio Prague:

President Vaclav Klaus has rejected a written request by the prime minister urging the president to sign a bill on same-sex partnerships, which has been passed in both houses of Parliament. Through a spokesman on Sunday Mr Klaus criticised the prime minister, indicating he would not allow himself to be dragged into what he called a 'pre-election campaign'. The bill on same-sex partnerships recognises gays and lesbians' right to inherit from their partner, and also allows access to medical information. But, the president has suggested the bill is a threat to traditional institutions - namely traditional marriage. Mr Klaus has until next Thursday to decide whether to sign the bill, to veto it, or to allow it to pass into law minus his signature.


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