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The New Crusade

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05 mai 2006

The "Religion Of Peace" Strikes Again!

While I in no way support the unrepentant sodomite agenda and believe that all sodomitic acts should be criminalised, I think that lynch-law capital punishment is a bit over the top. However, what can one expect of the gutter "religion of peace"?

  • Iraqi police 'killed 14-year-old boy for being homosexual'

    At 5/5/06 18:30, Blogger xavier said...

    Furthermore at 14, there was still a good possibility that he either could've become heterosexual or Courage (the Catholic organization that helps homoexuals)could've help him bear his cross and offer the suffering to the Lord. His sexual confusion I suspect originated from some form of sexual or psychological abuse.

    Let's pray for the sinner's repose while we deplore the sin.


    At 5/5/06 20:47, Anonymous Timothy-Allen Albertson said...

    hell the saying in those raghead gang turfs is, the last i knew, "a woman for sons, a boy for pleasure".


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