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18 juin 2006

The Final End Of The Anglican "Communion"?

It seems that, earlier this evening, the House of Bishops of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the USA elected a "bishopess" as Presiding Bishop, the "Primate" of the American branch of the Anglican sect. This may be the final blow. The "Bishop" of Ft Worth said, "She will be the only woman among 38 primates and the majority of them do not even recognise women bishops. This is going to be very difficult for the Archbishop of Canterbury."

I think back to 30+ years ago when I was a devoted Anglo-"Catholic" member of ECUSA. They had decided to ordain woman "deacons" and were arguing over "priestesses". The liberals, of course, denied the slippery slope argument. Even if women were ordained "priests" no one would ever want female "bishops"! Part of the problem is that there are no principalled conservatives left in the American sect. The conservatives are liberals who have reached the limits of their tolerance. The conservatives all left years ago, for Rome or Constantinople. In fact, here in KC, there is an OCA Parish originally made up entirely of Episcopalians who left shortly after I did, when the "ordination" of women was officially approved. Their pastor was given valid Orders by Archbishop John of Chicago and they all received valid Chrismation. Bingo! a new Parish!

One of the members of that group was a friend of mine who had tried to convince me to stay and fight, because they could never "ordain" women (remember, they had already "ordained" women to the first of what they saw as Holy Orders!). I told him I was tired of fighting and left. After the formation of the new Parish, I ran into him in a shop. He said, "I know, you told me so!"

Any way, happy as I am in Traditional Roman Catholicism, I have a certain nostalgic pain as I watch my old home fall apart.

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