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24 octobre 2006

The Absurdity of Democracy Update

A post from Catholic Monarchists at Yahoo! A tip of the red beret to Knight4Mary, the moderator and author of this post.

As if we need to be reminded of the absurdity that is universal suffrage and mass democracy a recent article on CNN is worthy of note for those needing evidence against it. According to a poll if the Presidential election were held today Hillary Rodham Clinton would defeat John McCain HOWEVER John McCain would defeat Hillary Clinton.

Let me clarify. When the poll used Mrs. Clinton's maiden name the poll is thus:

Hillary Rodham Clinton 51%

John McCain 44 %

If however her maiden name Rodham is removed the polls show McCain in the lead:

John McCain 48 %

Hillary Clinton 47%

Now some may argue that this does not show the weakness of democracy but in our methods of polling. Even if we concede this point for sake of argument, it does not let democracy of the hook. If our polling methods are serious flawed than what can we but conclude when Modern politicians base their words and actions on public opinion polls? As I say, we should not concede that this poll is necessarily false for while the "results fall within the sample's margin of error" there remains a "good chance, but not a statistical certainty that Clinton's maiden name would help her in a matchup against McCain" at least according to Keating Holland, CNN's polling director.

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