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28 novembre 2006

Holy Father encourages destruction of Christendom

I am almost in tears as I write these lines. Our most holy Lord and Father, Benedict XVI, has sold out Europe and dishonoured the memory of the myriads who died defending Europe from the Muslim invasions. Until today, the Vatican had stood firmly against Turkey's admission to the EU, an admission which may very well be Europe's death knell if it happens. Today, however, His Holiness, switched sides. Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, was quoted as saying that His Holiness said, "We're not political, but we wish for Turkey to join the EU". The Times article reports, "However, a papal spokesman later clarified the Pope's remarks, saying that he had told the Turkish leader that the Vatican did not have the power or competence to intervene, but "viewed positively and encouraged" the process of Turkish entry into the EU "on the basis of common values and principles".

Exactly what "common values and principles" does our Holy Father mistakenly believe we share with Turkey? When Turkey grants legal personality to the Patriarchate of Constantinople and returns the Great Church to Christian Use, when it admits to the genocide of the Armenian Christians in the early XXth century, when it apologises for the thousands of Christians murdered in 1956, when it establishes something approximating what the West understands as the Rule of Law, then we can begin to think of the possibility that some day in the far future, Turkey might become worthy of admission into the European community, but not until then.

Our Holy Father is, indeed, infallible in matters of Faith and Morals when speaking ex cathedra, but in temporal politics he has no charism of infallibility. In this case he is not only in error, but tragically so. We can only pray that he is unable to sway the majority of Europeans who oppose allowing Turkey into the EU and are slowly influencing their governments to oppose it as well.

Muslims out of Europe! No! to Turkey in the EU! Return Hagia Sophia to the Church!

From the Times.


At 30/11/06 00:01, Anonymous Ken said...

This is bad, but his alleged association with Henry "The Bear" Kissinger is even scarier. Kissinger's resume includes membership in the CFR, the Bilderbergs, and Bohemian Grove. He is a shining star of the satanic new world order. I hope that B16 is not really serious about having him as an advisor. Well, as Jesus said, healthy people don't need a doctor, right? Hopefully B16 intends to advise (i.e. convert) the NWO types, rather than be advised by them!


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