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The New Crusade

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21 décembre 2006

Oliver Cromwell and the original PC brigade

The current "War against Christmas" is not the first! An article from a British source on the puritans' attempts to ban the Holy Day, as a "Catholic relic", in the XVIIth Century.

From The First Post.


At 21/12/06 15:14, Blogger Roy F. Moore said...

Being half-Irish and quarter-Scot by ancestry, I'm too familiar with the massacres and blasphemies of the infamous Cromwell. I understand that some Irish and Scots today - I'll stand corrected if wrong - still spit every time Cromwell's name is mentioned.

So I'm not surprised this slave of Satan and his minions and cronies would try to ban celebrating the Savior's birth.

Execration on Cromwell's memory! Long live the Child-King of Bethlehem, the Word Made Flesh!


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