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The New Crusade

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05 décembre 2006

The Truth Breaks Out in Italy

An article by Christopher A. Ferrara about an Italian journalist who sat out to "debunk" the" extreme" views of many Trads regarding the Third Secret of Fatima and came to the conclusion that they are right. The Vatican did not reveal it and covered it up!

From the Fatima Network.


At 6/12/06 07:35, Anonymous Anonyme said...

I can see it now:
"In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, because the heathens are going to abort all their children after passing an evil, libertine law in 2007. This will wipe them out without raising the sword. Then it will be easier to restore the Braganza monarchy, and remarry Church and state."
In any case, it will likely happen, with or without Our Lady's intercession (let's save our prayers for Russia).


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