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The New Crusade

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18 février 2008

Bishop Calls for War!

From the (pro-jihadist) New Kosova Report:

Serbian bishop calls for war

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Serbia must declare that Kosovo is an occupied territory and buy arms from Russia to get it back, said today the Serbian Orthodox Church Bishop Artemije in charge of the Raska-Prizren Eparchy, where Kosovo is included, for Serbian daily Glas Javnosti.

“Serbia must buy armaments from Russia and other countries, and ask Russia to send volunteers and build a military presence in Serbia.”

“Kosovo was and will always be Serbian,” stated Bishop Artemije, adding that independence declaration will be “a temporary state of occupation.”

He called the Serb Military Chief of Staff Zdravko Ponos that Kosovo will not be defended militarily “an embarrassment.”
May God grant His Grace, Bishop Artemije many years!!


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