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22 février 2008

More on Kosovo

Three stories on Kosovo. First, from FrontPage, is "Kosovo: Islamism's New Beachhead?", which, while discussing the stupidity of the US's recognition of the illegal and immoral act of the Kosovar jihadists, also contains multiple links to news stories about further destabilisation throughout the world as separatist movements draw the logical conclusion from Kosovo, i.e., that international law no longer protects the territorial integrity of sovereign states.
Second, from The Brussels Journal, "The West’s Fatal Mistake: We Are All Serbs Now", detailing the (well known) deep involvement of the Kosovar 'government' with organised crime. Bush and his minions were fully aware of this when they violated Serbian sovereignty in order to establish Kosovo as an 'independent state'.
And last, also from the Brussells Journal, "Kosovo: The EU’s Bastard Child", detailing the very real problems for the EU arising from its support of Bush's violations of international law.


At 6/3/08 05:31, Blogger jacques said...

My opinion on the Kosovo is the same as the yours.
In acknowledging this Serbian province's independance, the US acknowledge the law of the strongs, like they did when they annexed the Texas that formerly belonged to Mexico: They let enter a lot of farmers and cowboys in this country and unilaterally declared it an US state once the wasps were enough to take control over it.


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