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The New Crusade

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24 octobre 2005

Catholic Standoff In San Francisco D'Asis

With all due respect to the parishioners of St Brigid's Church, but where exactly did they learn their Canon Law (and civil law, for that matter!). A former parishioner said, «In my mind, the property belongs to the parishioners, and the archdiocese should wait until this is decided by the Board of Supervisors». The last time I checked, all property of the Church in any jurisdiction of the United States is vested in the Ordinary as a «corporation sole», that is in the Bishop/Archbishop/Eparch personally!

Don't get me wrong. I'm horrified at what the Archdiocese is doing, but that doesn't give the parishioners the right to try to resurrect the heresy of Americanism which gave the Church fits in Her early days in th US.

From «The San Francisco Chronicle»:



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