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03 octobre 2005

Europe, R+I+P, 3 October 2005

I had hoped to begin today's posting with the words "Vive l'Autriche! Hoch Oesterreich! Long Live Austria", but it is with sadness that I have to report, as you probably already know, that the Dhimmis have won, Austria has folded and accession talks are beginning to bring Turkey into the EU. Turkey, a country in Asia (except for the remaining fruit of it's jihad against Europe, Constantinople), populated by an Asiatic people speaking an Asiatic tongue is to "join" Europe.

Turkey, with its Eastern border one of the most porous in the world, is set to become the conduit for every jihadist in the Islamic world to enter Europe and carry on there the Holy War against the Ferengi (Turkish for Frank, and by extension, any Western "infidel"). May God have mercy on Europe!

I find it fascinating that the EU wants Turkey to give solid evidence that it is "democratic" during these accession talks. Fascinating because the EU prides itself on its "democratic" values and way of life and yet is ignoring the fact that in only one of its 25 member states is there even the slimmest majority in favour of admitting Turkey. While Hungarians are very marginally in favour, the overwhelming majority of Europeans are opposed and if an EU-wide referendum were taken today, Turkey's admission would be resoundingly defeated! But men like Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder (if he's still chancellor of Germany as I write this!) are not about to let a referendum take place or be deterred by a little thing like overwhelming democratic opposition!

Here is a link to the full story from The Telegraph (UK):


And by the way, Happy Unification Day Germany! How long will you continue to exist as a Western Christian Nation now?


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