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The New Crusade

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20 octobre 2005

Liberal Horror At The Duggar's 16 Children

THe anti-life crowd is horrified at a Christian family with 16 children! Why? Because we're outbreeding them! Here's an article summing up their hatred.

From LifeSiteNews:


And an archived article from Mark Steyn, who is rapidly becoming my favourite columnist, on somewhat the same topic.

From «The Telegraph»:



At 21/10/05 08:42, Blogger Roy F. Moore said...

Jovan, compadre, I also have reported on this on "The Distributist Review", as well as in the Distributism Yahoo Group. It is also reported on the "alternative news" website Rense.com. It has received two repsonses, both of them in favor of the Duggars, and against the San Francsico Chronicle columnist who derided that family.

Here is the link:


Let us pray for that sad columnist. Let us also pray for that dear family, that God grant them all the gift of the traditional Catholic Faith.

Viva Christus Rex! Viva Maria Regina! Viva Sancte Joseph!


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