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The New Crusade

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18 octobre 2005

The Second Battle Of Lexington Green

For those unfamiliar with the Social Magisterium's insistence on the parent's rolé as primary educators of their children, I refer you to the Charter of the Family, issued 22.10.1983 by the Holy See, especially Article 5:


Now, having established the way it ought to be, let's see how it really is! A father has been banned from any contact with his son's education because he wanted to know "when issues of transgenderism, homosexuality and “gay”-headed relationships were going to be discussed with my 6-year-old son, when adults within the school were involved in those discussions." Is this so bad? Obviously it is to the Lexington School Committee, because they would be required to give up that which they most desire, the absolute control of the education of the children in their schools!

From Concerned Women for America:



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