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21 novembre 2005

Massachusetts' Pro-Lifers Call For Boycott Of Catholic Harities

A newsbrief from AgapePress:

...A group of Roman Catholic pro-life activists in Massachusetts is calling for a boycott of the annual Christmas fundraising dinner put on by an organization known as a Catholic Charities. The pro-lifers are upset because the man being honored at the dinner is Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, a Catholic who openly supports abortion and homosexual marriage. Carol McKinley of the group "Faithful Voice" feels it is wrong for someone who mischaracterizes the Catholic faith to be honored by a Catholic organization. She notes that just one donor so far has committed to boycott the $500-per-plate dinner, and this same person has also pledged to withhold money from Catholic Charities because it has handled adoptions for homosexual couples. But McKinley says the pro-life activists plan to urge boycotts of Catholic Charities well beyond this December 9 dinner and hope to reduce donations to that group by at least $100,000 in the next six months. The Boston Globe reports that in addition to McKinley's efforts, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts has also sent a letter to Archbishop Sean O'Malley, asking him not to attend the Christmas fundraising dinner. [Fred Jackson]


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