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The New Crusade

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21 novembre 2005

This In Catholic Austria?

At least its in Red Vienna! This is what passes for «art» among the leftist intelligentsia?

From Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 21.11.05, via SignAndSight:

Paul Jandl attended Viennese painter and performance artist Hermann Nitsch's civilised (??, emphasis added!) six-hour performance orgy staged on Saturday in the Burgtheater in Vienna: "There's nothing new in Nitsch's 122th action composed for the Burgtheater. Pigs and lambs are still being disembowelled and then filled back up with entrails. Tubs of blood are kept at the ready, then poured over crucified actors." The Viennese take it all with a pinch of salt, like the Burgtheater. "The cleaning lady appears with a mop behind the orgiastic ongoings with dripping innards. The theatre slowly starts to stink, but then people come on swinging frankincense. Hermann Nitsch tromps through the slaughterhouse landscape with a glass in his hand, with the benign look of the parish priest after a sermon. First the danger then the celebration. That's part and parcel of the Austrian psychology."


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