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04 février 2006

Hurrah! For The Polish Episcopate!

ZENIT News Agency, The World Seen from Rome

Polish Bishops: Defense of Marriage Isn't "Homophobia"
Reject Europarliament Resolution

WARSAW, Poland, FEB. 3, 2006 (Zenit.org ).- The bishops of Poland issued a statement against the European Parliament resolution that labels as "homophobic" countries that do not recognize same-sex unions.

The nonbinding resolution, passed Jan. 18, violates the autonomy of states and puts at risk the freedom of conscience of the citizenry, say the bishops of Poland at the end of the conference's plenary assembly.

The resolution, the bishops say in their statement, published Tuesday, "rightly rejects the attitudes of discrimination, ridicule and violence against persons with homosexual orientation."

"Concurrently, however, through an urge directed to the governments of member states to revise their legislation concerning same-sex couples, it infringes upon norms of social life in Europe," the statement says.

"By making use of the topic of discrimination of persons with homosexual orientation, this resolution indirectly promotes an idea of equal treatment of a relationship of man and woman and of homosexual relationships," the bishops say.

The bishops continue: "This way, it distorts the truth rooted in the nature of the person who was created as man and as woman. Consequently, the adopted resolution is a serious threat to marital and family life and to the entire order of social life in Europe.

"We join in with other European episcopates and Christian communities and with all people of good will who share the same anthropological truth as we do.

"This way, we express our objection to an attempt undermining not only the very foundations of the proper functioning of the EU but also human life itself."

The bishops call "on the European Parliament to abstain from activities which bear the stamp of dictatorship of relativism, putting at risk the freedom of conscience of the citizens of EU member states."



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