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The New Crusade

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05 février 2006

Ninth Circuit Says: Go Ahead and Kill the Children

Many years ago, when I was young and stupid (but already a blooming intellectual), I «ghost wrote» term papers for a fee. One day a friend came to avail himself of my services. He had a paper assigned in an ethics class which required him to choose an article from a recognised philosophical journal, either pro-abortion or pro-life, and write a rebuttal against it. I accepted the job and chose a pro-abort article to rebut (obviously!). After reading the article, however, I was so angry that it took me three days to begin the paper. Why? Because the writer, who was a short time later apointed «philosopher-in-residence» at Wichita State University in Kansas, argued that not only was abortion acceptable, but that since children did not fully develop their personalities for the first couple of years of life, infanticide until the age of two should also be acceptable! The Loony Ninth has set us on this «philosopher's» path! God have mercy on our society!

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