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05 mai 2006

Bishop Hails PM's Wife as a Role Model

God, what would His Excellency say if he met a Catholic woman? Mrs Blair consorts with mediums, consults astrolgers and insults our Holy Father by ignoring Vatican protocol. This is a rolé model?!

Of course, she not only insults our Holy Father, she also insults her Queen!

"The Bishop of Leeds, the Right Rev Arthur Roche has labelled the Prime Minister's wife, Cherie Blair, a Catholic role model after their (paths?) crossed in Rome recently when they were both at the English College there. The bishop was delighted she had the chance to speak to students there about their contribution to the work of the Church in Britain and thank them for it. Bishop Arthur said it was a great chance to exchange ideas with a prominent Catholic and fantastic role model." From "The Universe", 05.V.06


Today, I sent the following email to His Excellency. If he answers, I'll let you know.

Your Excellency,

I have to ask, are there any Catholic women in your diocese? The question is prompted by your referring to Mrs Blair as a "Catholic role model." Mrs Blair practises witchcraft, consults mediums, insults HM the Queen by refusing to curtsey and arrogates to herself the privileges of a Catholic Queen during a visit to our Holy Father and she is a role model?!?!

Asking Your Excellency's Episcopal blessing, I am,

Your most obedient servant in Christ and our Lady of Mt Carmel,


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