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The New Crusade

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03 juillet 2006

A Great Website

I've just spent the last couple of hours chatting with a fellow up in Alberta, Canada, Alan Goudman. He's a monarchist who has an absolutely wonderful website at Geocities. I'm putting a link to his front page in my blog roll under the title "Alan's a Royalist!", but in this post I'm going to tell you a little bit about what he's got!

First of all, be sure to check out his, very professionally done, on-line magazine Rose and Crown! It's only the first issue, but it has an article by Charles Coulombe!

He has an article on Tony Blair's attempts to destroy the British Monarchy at The Issue of UK Constitutional Reform and suggestions for amending the Irish Constitution (along with thoughts on "The Case for an Irish Monarchy") at The Case for an Irish Monarchy.

He has two pages of great interest to French Legitimists: First, at A Bourbon Reply to the French Revolution, he has some thoughts on the Restoration, along with an English copy of the Constitutional Charter, granted by STCM Louis XVIII, King of France and Navarre, on 4 June 1814. Then, at Vive La Roi! A Reactionary Cure for the French Disease, he has his own draft of a Restoration Constitution based on the previous, with some of Napoleon's better reforms incorporated. We discussed collaborating on a revision, incorporating corporatism as taught by H.H. Pope Leo XIII, so keep an eye out!

He also discusses the Brazilian Empire and has articles focussing on the Vatican, Andorra and Canada as well as a couple on the mess the Anglicans have gotten themselves into. This site is worth an in depth read! I highly recommend it to all my readers!


At 3/7/06 19:23, Blogger xavier said...

Sounds interesting but the links aredead :(
Andorra? Interesting because it,s a coprincipality: the French president as the successor of the Count of Foix and the bishop of Urgell. I like Andorra and the Catalan is interesting for me to listen to.



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