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21 novembre 2006

"Episcopalian Primate" an anti-Catholic

Check out Amy Wellborn's post An interview that will go down in infamy. The new High Priestess of the Episcopalian cult says that Episcopalians are "better educated" than we are so they have fewer children (explaining the 1-1.5 million drop in membership since they first "ordained" women!).


At 21/11/06 07:23, Blogger Grumpy Troll said...

Am I the only one to whom the term High Priestess brings to mind images of Wiccan nutjobs dancing around big rocks in farms?

At 21/11/06 07:48, Blogger hilary said...

Episcopalian Primate an anti-Catholic

well duuuhhhh!

At 22/11/06 17:28, Blogger Long-Skirts said...

(Genesis 38:8-10)

If you plant
God's seed,
It grows.

With holy
An openness glows.

Then to man,

Wisdom to
Grace which guides.

So abundance
Will spread,

Feed the early,
Feed the

And you,
Fruitful souls,
A cornucopia fills -

While the deserts
Of Onan,
Remain wastelands of spills.


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