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12 novembre 2006

Hatred might be ugly, but no one has the right to ban it

An excellent leader from tomorrow's Telegraph on Red Tony Blair's government's plans to tighten the "hate crime" (read "thought crime") laws in the UK, because of the acquital of the leader of the British National Party on charges he called Islam a "wicked, vicious faith".

This, below, of course, was not consider a "hate crime" by the Crown Prosecution Service under Red Tony's Government. The picture was taken at a Muslim demonstration outside Westminster Cathedral, during the time of Holy Mass, after our Holy Father's speech at Regensburg!

From the Telegraph.


At 13/11/06 17:16, Anonymous Anonyme said...

And what is Tony B.Liar going to do about the Muslims who are planning to nuke Britain?


Would this be a hate-crime or just a demonstration of pent-up grievances?

Intern and deport the vermin NOW, and nuke Mecca in retaliation. Destroy the Satanic meteorite and you've destroyed Mohammedanism

At 14/11/06 16:58, Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Does Allah actually exist? http://mensnewsdaily.com/blog/swank/2005/06/allah-is-not-fictitious-allah-exists.html


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