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The New Crusade

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11 novembre 2006

Cyber Nations

I have recently gotten involved in an online game that promises to be really fun. I was introduced to it on Fish Eaters, so I'm not the only TradCath playing. Here is a description of it from the home page:

Welcome to Cyber Nations, a free nation simulation game. Create a nation anywhere in the world and decide how you will rule your people by choosing a government type, a national religion, ethnicity, tax rate, currency type, and more in this new geo-political, nation, and government simulator. There are no fees associated with Cyber Nations, no credits or upgrades to buy, no gimmicks, just a fun place to hang out and rule your nation. Register or Login and get started building your nation today. For more information about Cyber Nations check out the Cyber Nations Forums or visit the About Cyber Nations page for a detailed description of the game.

My "country" is "Francia" (France was already taken!) a "A Traditional, Social, Catholic Monarchy with a Distributist Economy and a Corporative Government."

Here is a link to the home page and a link to "About Cyber Nations".


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