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22 novembre 2006

Prominent Catholic Lebanese Politician Murdered by Syrians

Pierre Amine Gemayel, grandson of Sheikh Pierre Gemayel (1905-1984), founder of the Phalange Party, son of Amine Gemayel (1942- ), former President of Lebanon and nephew of Bashir Gemayel (1947-1982), President-elect of Lebanon, who was murdered by the Syrians before he could take office, has in his turn been assasinated by the Syrians. He was the Minister for Industry in the current Lebanese government.

The Gemayels are one of the premier families of the Maronite Catholic Community in Lenbanon and have been dedicated for three generations to the sovereignty of Lebanon and the security of the Christian communities. Syria has been their enemy from the beginning in the interests of a Muslim dominated "Greater Syria".

The Catholic communities of Lebanon (several Rites are represented) have been for centuries a Western, French influenced outpost of the West in the Muslim dominated Levant. Let us pray for the soul Pierre Gemayel and for Lebanon, that she may again rise strong and free of Syrian domination!

Our Lady of Lebanon, pray for your poor people!

From the BBC:

Lebanese Christian leader killed

Lebanon mourns murdered minister


At 22/11/06 21:55, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Wasn't he a Phalangist? (did I spell that right)

At 22/11/06 21:58, Blogger Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Yes. His grandfather, Sheikh Pierre, founded the Party.


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