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The New Crusade

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23 novembre 2006

Silencing the truth

"Something similar happened at this year’s Hay-on-Wye festival, sponsored by the Guardian, where a five-person panel discussed ‘Are there are any limits to free speech?’ One of the Muslim panelists said if anyone offended his religion, he would strike him."

This at a festival sponsored by a major British newspaper!

(One of the panelists) "started by referring to an anti-Semitic passage in the New Testament — which passed without comment. But when he began to list the passages in the Koran that denigrate Jews, describing them as monkeys and pigs, the panelists went ballistic. One of them, Madeline Bunting of the Guardian, put her hand over the microphone and said words to the effect, ‘I am not going to sit here and listen to any criticisms of Muslims."

Unfortunately, while the dhimmis will get what they deserve, many innocent people will suffer when shariyah is establshed in Britain!

All ye Saints and Martyrs of Britain, pray for your Kingdoms. Muslims out of Europe!

From The New York Sun, excerpted by Melanie Phillips.


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