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The New Crusade

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02 décembre 2006

How Unpleasant!

From our friend, Tiberge, at GalliaWatch, a link to an article (en Française) from Occidentalis.

The post at GalliaWatch begins:

I found this article in Occidentalis to be...uh, just a bit troubling, don't you think? Or am I worrying over a trifle?

The Danish government said it was shocked to learn that a Koranic school is teaching its pupils that the only way to obtain peace in the Middle East is to exterminate all the Jews.

The school, situated in Odense, in the suburbs of Vollsmose, in the center of Denmark, is also supposed to be teaching pupils in the elementary grades that the Jews are Nazis and that the American president George W. Bush ought to be electrocuted.

Read the whole post!


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