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21 octobre 2005

Bush's True View Of Catholicism

It has just come to my attention that Harriet Miers, G.W. Bush's laughable appointment to the US Supreme Court may not be laughable at all. She is an apostate Catholic, doomed to an eternity in hell unless she returns to the faith. Now why would she put her soul in such peril? Could it be that she didn't agree with some Church teachings like abortion and «gay rights»? It's instructive that she now attends an «evangelical» Methodist Church when in Texas and an Episcopal Church in Washington. Instructive, because the Methodist Church, as a denomination, is slightly to the left of Joe Stalin on social issues and the Episcopal Church is running hard to cut them off at the left.

But worse, what does this say of Bush's view of Catholics? Are we Christian or not. Karl Rove, the eminence grise of the administration has spoken of how Miers «found Christ» and was «brought to the Lord» when she «became a Christian» in 1989, so obviously she wasn't a Christian before that date according to Bush's closest advisor! Food for thought as Catholics, huh?

Read an excellent column on this by Paul Mulshine, From NJ.com:



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