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The New Crusade

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20 octobre 2005

More On The Second Battle of Lexington Green

From AgapePress (US):

...The trial is set to begin tomorrow (October 20) for a Massachusetts dad who objected to his six-year-old son being subjected to pro-homosexual material at school without parental knowledge. All David Parker wanted was for the school to abide by state law and inform him when such material was to be discussed in his son's presence. But when school officials refused to do that in late April -- and Parker refused to leave the school until he was assured the law would be adhered to -- they had him arrested. The Lexington father was subsequently handcuffed and jailed overnight. In addition, the superintendent of the local school system banned Parker from all school property. An earlier hearing on Parker's plea bargain that the ban be lifted was postponed last month to allow Superintendent Paul Ash time to reconsider the ban -- but as late as last week, Ash's attorneys indicated he had no intention of changing his stance. And following the September postponement, Ash reportedly instructed all of his teachers not to notify parents when the topic of homosexual relationships was to be discussed with schoolchildren. According to the Massachusetts group Article 8 Alliance, Parker is scheduled to appear on ABC World News Tonight this evening (Wednesday, October 19). [Jody Brown]


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