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26 octobre 2005

Why Is This Not Surprising?

The «Reverend» John Danforth is a «priest» in the Episcopalian sect, i.e. he is a layman who apes a priest, occasionally wearing a Roman collar. His idea of «moderate» Christians are dhimmis who believe that all religions are equal and we all «worship the same god!». In his attack on Christian involvement in politics, he says, «Nothing is more dangerous than religion in politics and government when it becomes divisive. I'll give you examples: Iraq. Northern Ireland. Palestine.»

I'd like to give a few examples too! Countries with Catholic or inter-confessional Christian Parties where there doesn't seem to be the problems Danforth fears: Southern Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, Portugal, etc., etc. The problem is not Christians in politics, it's Muslims and/or extremists of any faith involved in politics. Danforth is attempting to smear both Catholics and evangelical protestants with with a broad brush, but it won't work, John. Most people are intelligent enough to see through your obfuscations.

From «Breitbart.com»:



At 27/10/05 13:19, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Methinks you are confused.

Danforth is saying that religious extremists are the cause of such problems worldwide. He also, unlike many people, is able to see that these problems could happen here.



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