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28 novembre 2005

De Gaulle, Communist And Perjuror

I always refer to the traitor de Gaulle as a communist and a perjuror. I had assumed that readers of The New Crusade would be familiar with his perfidy, but I have received two comments asking for more information. I replied to the first by personal email, but since the second hasn't posted his email address, I'm going to post the reply I sent to my first questioner. Here it is:

DeGaulle swore allegiance to the French State upon becoming a member of the Officer Corps. Before he made his famous broadcast from London calling on Frenchmen to "resist", he had already deserted in the face of the enemy. The government of le Marechal Petain was the recognised government of France, voted into office by the overwhelming majority of the last Chamber of Deputies of the Third Republic. It was recognised by all the powers, including the US and the UK. Any military man who places himself outside the chain of command (even without desertion, a capital offense) is well on the way to being a traitor, but in this case, he had already perjured himself by refusing orders from his legitimate superiors (including le Marechal) after taking the military oath.

However, he went further. In that famous speech, he promised that Frenchman would never fire on Frenchman, yet the first action of the communist inspired "Free French" was to attack the legitimate French Government in Syria.

Having succeeded, with the help of the Allies and his communist supporters, in returning to France as the "liberator" he had le Marechal condemned to death (may I recommend France, The Tragic Years, by Sisley Huddleston for an overview of the Red Terror De Gaulle brought with his liberation?) and, though he commuted the sentence to life imprisonment, he still bears the guilt of bringing his commanding officer before a kangaroo court. It is made worse by the fact that "le grand Charles" had been a protege of le Marechal, who had defended him in controversy before the war.

And, as if his actions during and immediately after the war weren't bad enough (his communist supporters embedded themselves in the government so that even after '47 when they left the ministry, their influence was felt for years!), in '58 he came to power again precisely because of his promise that Algeria would remain French. Most Americans do not realise that Algeria was not a colony, it was an overseas department of France, represented in the Chamber and Senat. However, his first action upon becoming President of the Republic in '58, despite his promise, was to grant independence to Algeria!

As to his communist support, I would suggest that you look at the history of the '68 uprising. The reason that it failed to bring down the V Republic was that De Gaulle had the solid support of the communist unions. While the students rebelled, the organised mass of workers, under the orders of the party bosses, didn't.

De Gaulle will always be remembered by the Revolutionary Left as a hero and by those who truly love France as a traitor. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.. -- Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm.

Blogger is acting up! There is more on de Gaulle in the next «earlier» post below.


At 13/4/11 15:00, Blogger jac said...

Jovan, I agree with you regarding the portrait you draw of de Gaulle.
I fact De Gaulle came back in France after WWII with the communists although they had been outlawed by the french Govt after the German_Soviet Pact in 1940.
Thus he reinstated a communist party more powerful as it never was and he completely twisted the political life in France on the left side for 50 years and even longer.
Regarding the french Algeria, De Gaulle HATED this country and the french people dwelling here because from there were set the french armies who helped the alliees to free Italia (see how General Juin was the true winner of Monte Cassino's battle) and landed in aug. 1944 in Provence (De Lattre's army) to free France from the south and join later with the alliees coming from the Normandy's landing.
And this glorious renewal of the french army, De Gaulle had no hold on it.


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