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The New Crusade

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21 novembre 2005

Euthanasia Doctor Commits Suicide After Finding Patient He Killed Was Not Terminally Ill

Please pray for the souls of both suicides, hoping in God's great mercy that they were not in full command of their faculties when they committed the act.

Also, note well the quote from Ludwig Minelli, the founder of the «clinic», «(I)n any case every person in Europe has the right to choose to die, even if they are not terminally ill (emphasis supplied).»!

However, Regional justice minister for Lower Saxony, Elisabeth Heister-Neumann has it right. She charged Minelli with being financially motivated. «Making poisonous cocktails available has deviated into pure business, and medical reports are being misused as an excuse,» she emphasized.

Of course, the same can be said of the abortuary industry!

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