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28 juillet 2006

Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father

From our friend W., at Traditio in Radice. The New Crusade endorses this call for a Crusade of Rosaries and agrees with W. that "It seems to me that one need not assist at Masses offered by Society priests in order to take part in this very worthy effort." For the record, I have never attended Mass in an SSPX Chapel. I am an indulter and a proud member of Saint Philippine Duchesne Latin Mass Community in Kansas City, KS under the pastoral care of Priests of the FSSP.

Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father
Posted by W at 9:50 AM

On 16 July, Bishop Fellay has released a Letter to the faithful along with the declaration of the general Chapter regarding the situation with Rome. Of special note in Bp. Fellay's letter is his desire to present Pope Benedict XVI with a spiritual boquet of one million Rosaries at the end of October. He and the general chapter of the S.S.P.X are therefore calling for a prayer crusade and ask the faithful to start praying their Rosaries now for these three intentions:

1. To obtain from Heaven for Pope Benedict XVI the strength required to completely free up the Mass of all time, called the Tridentine Mass.

2. For the return of the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

3. For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It seems to me that one need not assist at Masses offered by Society priests in order to take part in this very worthy effort. I therefore encourage our readers to start "bud[ding] forth the spiritual roses for [this] bouquet" -- for the benefit of those readers that do not attend Society chapels, I will post the directions for putting together this treasure when I hear them.

Posted on the Feast of St. Panteleon, Martyr, a.D. MMVI


At 28/7/06 22:16, Anonymous John said...

Joining you in prayers!

At 28/7/06 23:26, Blogger JPSonnen said...

funny prayer request coming from a schismatic? because he has been excommunicated and remains "extra ecclesiam," he therefore is not in the state of grace and so therefore cannot recieve merit/grace from his prayers. how about a rosary crusade to get him to stop offernig holy mass every day which is, according to the codex, a sacrilege for an excommunicated cleric?

At 29/7/06 12:25, Blogger Roy F. Moore said...

JPsonnen, since the issue of whether he actually IS excommunicated or no is still in the air - especially with a good Canon Law case being made by the SSPX to show they are NOT in schism - such questions you've presented are groundless.

But back to the point made. Whether SSPX, Indulter or Indepedent Chapel, such a Crusade of Rosaries should not be shunned but endorsed and promoted. I for one support both Jovan and Bishop Fellay in this endeavor.

At 29/7/06 22:43, Blogger JPSonnen said...

roy: cosa? i have the motu proprio brief of excommunication at my side and the poor guy was excommunicated nominatim "by name" (even worse than latae sententiae and his first suspensio a divinis). he committed acts which were materially schismatical and then formally schismatical. contra legem does any sspx bishop claim jurisdiction when they have none while his boss died "extra ecclesiam". "nulla salus," right, or will we bend on that, too? the sspx, like the liberals, try to cut the deck by explaining away the due process. they say: "oh, once such and such cardinal in the vatican said that he was not excommunicated." however, "roma locuta, causa finita est" as it's left to the discretion of peter and peter hath spoken in '88 and we have the document to prove it (and the codex juris canonici). i have met mons. fellay in person and i regret how smug he was as he explained his confused ecclesiology as it wasen't thomistic or in the least bit of trent, but something more like what the eastern orthodox might propound.

At 30/7/06 21:08, Anonymous Staying on Topic said...

Papolatrist heresy and slander of Fellay.

Lefevbre was put in a similar position as St. Athanasius, with an illegal excommunication done up using a twisting of Chruch law. Similar things is being done with the SSPX, and I'm sad you're defending such legal twisting.

Besdies, the subject of the post is the Crusade of Rosaries, NOT the "is-the-SSPX-in-schism-or-no" controversy. There are other fora where that is being discussed, so kindly bring it there, not here.

At 30/7/06 21:54, Blogger JPSonnen said...

for us catholics, no such thing as (a) so-called "illegal excommunication" from peter (see the 1917 or 1983 codex). the big sink wasen't just that he was excommunicated "by name!," but also that it was a "motu proprio" from peter, himself. p.s. i stay away from these sspx "other fora" because like the liberals, they don't start and end from the code of canon law.

At 31/7/06 16:06, Anonymous North East Gentleman said...

Well, sir, if - as you say - you Catholics have "no such thing as an illegal excommunication", then please explain the fuss over St. Athanasius.

Thank you.


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