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05 juillet 2006

What I'm Reading--Fr Cahill's The Framework of a Christian State

Since I bought myself this book in honour of my 59th birthday, I thought I might blog a little on it as I read it. It's a re-read, technically, but it's been almost 20 years, so I've forgotten a lot.

First of all, Fr Cahill was an Irish Jesuit who was Professor of Social Science in Milltown Park, Dublin. Whether Milltown Park was a high school, college or seminary I do not know, but if I find out, I'll let you know. I often think of him as a forgotten Fr Fahey, since he wrote in the same vein on the same subjects, but is much less known today. The preface is dated Feast of Christ the King, 1931 and it received the imprimi potest 23 May 1932.

He writes in the preface, "The book is intended primarily for students of Social Science who accept the Church's teaching." He wrote at a time when the Church was not yet afraid to speak the Truth, so in the first section he discusses the evils of protestantism, liberalism, individualistic capitalism, socialism and communism (with a discussion of the Jewish domination of the Revolutionary movement). In the second section, he deals with the Church's actual teachings on such matters as the individual, the family, husband and wife, and the state.

As I get into, I plan to blog sections with my own comments. I hope my readers will enjoy it.


At 6/7/06 12:04, Blogger hilary said...


I was introduced to Framework by a friend in a religious community who lives his trad life more or less under cover.

It did not make me a Traditionalist, but certainly propelled me into new and previously unimagined realms of reactionariness.

At 6/7/06 23:15, Blogger Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...


Thanks for you comment. I hope you enjoy the posts as I make them. "Framework, in my case, was one of the books that lead me to Traditionalism.


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