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The New Crusade

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08 août 2006

The Culture of Death Marches On

This an addendum to my last post. These three articles are all from today's LifeSiteNews. Yes, I know it's a site dedicated to publicising the attacks of the Culture of death, but it's still frightening that three stories like this could all appear on the same day!

  • Doctors Dehydrated My Husband To Death: U.K. Widow

  • More Hospitals/Governments Push For Organ Transplants 5 Minutes or Less After Heart Stops

  • Women Paid to Carry Baby to 12 Weeks before “Harvesting” for Beauty Treatments

  • And an article from the Daily Mail on this last topic(with a tip of the red beret to Steve at e-skojec.com):

  • A barbaric kind of beauty

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