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13 août 2006

Face up to your problem, Muslims told

John, Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, late Commissioner of HM's Metropolitan Police (London) has come out swinging. ""When will the Muslim community in this country accept an absolute, undeniable, total truth: that Islamic terrorism is their problem?", he writes in an opinion piece published today.

He addresses "racial profiling" as well, "Of course, there'll be instant squealings that this is racism. It's not," Lord Stevens insisted.

"It's exactly the same as recognising that, during the Northern Ireland troubles that left thousands dead, the IRA were totally based in the Catholic community and the UVF in the Protestant."

Read the entire article!

  • Sydney Morning Herald


    At 14/8/06 06:33, Blogger xavier said...

    I'm unsurprised. I read in the Telegraph that there was a cople that was prepared to sacrifice their baby as a suicide bomber by hiding explosives in the baby bottle. Just to briefely digress, the culture of death is the real fight; islamojishadism is an important peripherial fight against the devil.

    Back to the article. The exasperation ith the Molems has reached fever pitch. If you read my post, I pretty much concour with the writer though more vulgarly. No matter, it,s time that the Moslems be smacked with reality. They really need to reflect why we despise them so much.


    At 15/8/06 13:56, Anonymous Lee said...

    Why does everyone in the West seem to be stigmatized by racial profiling? Why do we constantly deny it?
    After all, our oh-so-great all-holy never-can-be-criticized staunch-ally-through-thick-and-thin Israel does plenty of it - even dipping into a light, diet form of straight-up racism.
    Let's just do it and stop pussy footing around the issue.
    (As a matter of fact, I say deport ALL Muslims, and do not allow them to live in Western lands.
    That would help a lot.)


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