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The New Crusade

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06 octobre 2006

Christian leaders facing Soros-funded 'witch hunt'

George Soros is an Hungarian Jewish communist, dedicated to the destruction of our Græco-Roman Catholic civilisation and culture. His main weapon is the extreme left group, MoveOn.org. This is his latest move in his war on Christianity.

From WorldNetDaily.


At 7/10/06 00:44, Anonymous Bill Levinson said...

I know that George (ptui!) Soros is nominally Jewish but most Jewish people don't like to be reminded of that.

MoveOn.org's Action Forum was, until some friends and I forced them to shut it down by exposing and publicizing the kind of hate speech that was posted there, an overflowing sewer of anti-Semitic and to a lesser degree racist and anti-Christian hate speech, along with 9/11 denial. (9/11 is like Holocaust denial, except it overlooks or dismisses two missing skyscrapers instead of 6 million missing Jews and 3 million missing Polish Catholics.)

Also, most of what anti-Semites say about the so-called Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) is true if it is applied to SOG (the Soros Occupied Government) instead. If you want octopus-like tentacles infiltrating governments and non-governmental organizations, with people having divided loyalties between their country and Soros' money, SOG is the place to look.


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