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The New Crusade

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04 octobre 2006

Spaniards tone down exploding Mohammed at fiestas [for fear...ah, of offending, of course]

Let me get this straight! The jihadist swine invade Spain in AD 711. It takes until AD 1492 to get the last pig out of the peninsula. Now, they're back and the Spaniards are "toning down" their celebrations of their victory? And don't forget, the jihadist piglets are being taught that Spain is their territory which must be reconquered!

A tip of the red beret to Mike Fieschko for pointing out this story.

Normally, I sign posts dealing with Spain "¡Viva España!", the old Monarchist slogan, but this one I'm signing with the Falangist slogan, "Arise, Spain!"

¡Arriba, España! ¡Viva Franco!

From Free Republic.


At 5/10/06 10:22, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Santiago y adelante!

At 5/10/06 12:45, Blogger Grumpy Troll said...

That should be "toning up" exploding Muhammads to show to the followers of the epileptic paedophile that they are most welcome. In their own countries.


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