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The New Crusade

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12 octobre 2006

Columbus the Christ-bearer

Today is the 514th anniversary of the (re)discovery of America (Hey, I'm a Scandinavian on my Grandmother Weismiller's side!). Let us never forget that Columbus was a Franciscan Tertiary who regularly wore the habit as daily wear and that one of his main motivations for sailing was to spread the Gospel of Christ.

I believe that I have read that his cause for beatification has been before the Vatican for many years. Let us pray for his glorification and in thanksgiving that he brought the Divine and Catholic Faith to the New World.


At 12/10/06 15:30, Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Columbus would never have made it across the Atlantic without the assistance of the pedophile-worshippers:

At 12/10/06 20:23, Blogger xavier said...

yeah, yeah and the basis of Western civ is Islamic we just don't know about it.
The camel raiders really are pathetic aren't they? They brag about how the Islam is the epicentre of the universe but then snivel whenever historical facts constantly refute their meglomania.
Liars, born liars.


At 13/10/06 07:28, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Wow, I never knew Columbus was THAT pious...was he really even as oppressive as all the revisionists claim? Maybe he should be canonized. (Please consider visiting my less visually appealing blog on politics, popery, poetry, and punditry, http://crusader888.blogspot.com.


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