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The New Crusade

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10 octobre 2006

Suspect in terror hunt used veil to evade arrest

Jihadist pig disguises himself as a woman complete with veil to hide out! Notice what his fellow swine says:
Shahid Malik, Labour MP for Dewsbury, expressed concern that the issue could create unnecessary tension. “If this is true, then it is the first case of its kind in Britain and an isolated incident. We must not get hysterical about it. There have been many hundreds of cases where robberies have been committed by men wearing women’s stockings on their heads — but no one is talking about banning stockings.
I have a feeling that, even in the UK, if some bloke were walking down the street wearing a stocking over his head, the police might be just a wee bit curious! But they're prohibited from being curious about the jihadists sows who veil themselves!

From the Times.


At 10/10/06 09:00, Blogger xavier said...

The lions of Islam(tm) are so courageous that they dressas women to deflect the wrath of righteous indignation. That tendency to dress as women when running for their lives is something that we should shamelessly exploit through youtube.com


At 10/10/06 15:20, Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Attention all Christian congregations regarding the Pope's comments on Islam . If you live in an area with an active Muslim population, it may be wise to review your Church's security, fire-precautions and insurance cover:



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