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The New Crusade

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03 octobre 2006

Bush sells out Europe!

As my readers know, I tend to avoid American topics because there are so many others doing an excellent job, but I cannot let this pass. Bush has stated, in a meeting with the head jihadist pig of Turkey, that "(I)t's in the United States' interests that Turkey join the European Union".

Exactly how is it in the interests of the US to further the destruction of Europe, to spread the influence of the jihadist swine and their gutter religion? How will it be in the interests of the US to have a jihadist Europe, under Shariya, dedicated to the destruction of all we hold dear, just waiting to attack?

I realise that Bush is not the sharpest crayon in the box, but what are Cheney and his other controllers thinking?!

From the EUobserver.


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