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The New Crusade

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06 octobre 2006

UK: Police Support Muslim Officer's Anti-Semitism

Yes, I know the laws are slightly different in Scotland than the rest of the UK, but there members of the Fire Brigades were disciplined for refusing to hand out leaflets at an unrepentant sodomite "Gay Pride" parade on religious/moral grounds. The decision to disciple was upheld and be damned to their beliefs. In England a jihadist swine is a PC and he doesn't have to guard the Israeli Embassy because of his membership in the gutter religion of the epileptic pædophile Muhammad (may he damned eternally). First of all, why is an enemy of England and the West wearing a police uniform and secondly, why is his satanic "religion" being catered to?

Our Lady of Walsingham and St George, pray for England! Muslims out of Europe!

From Western Resistance.


At 7/10/06 07:07, Blogger Vox Cantor said...

Contrast this with the fact that about 20 years ago in Toronto, a Police Officer was assigned to guard the Abortuary of the infamously evil Dr. Henry Morgenthaler (Holocaust Survivor and Father of open abortion access in Canada). On a number of occasions he went to his superiors and explained his difficulty as a Catholic, protecting a place where babies were being murdered in their mothers' wombs. He was suspended and eventually fired for insubordination. No other police force in Ontario would hire him.


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